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About PIC


Pavilion Integration Corporation (PIC) manufactures solid-state lasers and laser modules for OEM instrumentation applications. Our products cover the wavelength range from the ultraviolet to the infrared and are available as free space and fiber delivered models. Our products feature a small and efficient package to enable compact and stable instrument designs. The lasers exhibit very good stability under all conditions and when modulated. By combining multiple lasers into one laser module we deliver photons the way our customers need them.
Since its beginning in 2004, PIC has created and delivered customized lasers for highly demanding applications and has supplied customers with components critical to their operations. This development coupled with our unique Whisper technology and world-class manufacturing facility sets us apart from our competitors.
Our corporate headquarters and advanced research and development are located in San Jose, California. Here we have developed extensive expertise in the design of low noise, low coherence light engines for a diverse range of applications including flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, medical imaging, semiconductor metrology, and food sorting.
The manufacturing center for our custom designed laser modules, electro-optical sub-assemblies and other optoelectronic solutions is in Suzhou, China. Certified to both ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards, it is a center for excellence that has allowed PIC to deliver over 20000 lasers worldwide




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